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Dear University of Science Student,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate the courses you took during this semester.

Your responses are completely anonymous. Your comments will only be shared in a larger group with no way to identify your individual feedback.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback will be used to improve our future course offerings.

Thanks again for your participation.


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Jack Smith

University of Science

To begin the evaluation, please type your password in the box below and press the Start button.


About the Multi-Survey Portal

This demo has two passwords, 1234 and 1235. Each represents a different user (student respondent).

Once you log in, you enter a personalized portal page, which has links for each course/professor the student has been asked to evaluate. This portal could also be used to manage surveys for different departments, training courses, employee reviews, etc – any time your respondents will each have multiple surveys to complete.

Use a portal to organize multiple surveys for your respondents. It tracks which ones are completed.  A file is pre-loaded with the list of surveys each respondent takes, simplifying the respondent experience and improving both response rates and data quality.